Thursday, August 6, 2009

Varia Overskirt

A GREAT piece, this is the Varia Stunt double overskirt, which fits over the panties in the first post. The belt would go over this skirt, making it complete. Awesome! Soft leather!

Varia Flashback Panties/Skirt

This is another lovely gift from a wonderful friend of mine. These are also Varia panties but we suspect they are the ones from the Varia flashback double. Great craftsmanship as usual!

Varia Double Panties

A wonderful addition to my collection thanks to the generosity and friendship of my good pal Cheri, the Prop-A-dile hunter! Getting closer to a complete Varia stunt double outfit!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Varia Stunt Double Shoulder Wrap

Here is the shoulder wrap, also made of heavy leather and genuine very soft deerskin, that goes with the rest of the Varia double outfit. I have the armbands, shoulder wrap, top, and wardrobe hanger. I would love to find the boot wraps, beaded legband, and skirt.

Varia Stunt Double Armbands

These great armbands are made of very heavy duty leather ties and genuine deerskin. They were tied around the wrist of the Varia double and go great with the rest of my Varia double outfit.